where do u download your vids from?

Torrents, mostly—specifically I found mine off of Although I think there’re probably episodes on I haven’t checked myself, but they usually have episodes for everything!

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can you post the psd that u use on your gifs

I would, but I’m afraid I don’t have a specific .psd for them! :(

If it helps, though, I usually do curves, then brightness/contrast, and then levels. And then on selective color, under ‘red’, I make the cyan value negative and the yellow value positive. And then under ‘yellow’ I make the cyan value positive and the yellow value negative. And then another curves level.

I know this isn’t really the most comprehensive answer, but it’s really all I can give you! :( I’m sorry! Unless you’d like me to make you a .psd file?

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OMG I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS ! ! ! ! tracking the 'the nanny' tag for ages and it's so rare that good gif stuff pops up and now you're there and I'm freaking out because The Nanny was my childhood and THANK GOD FOR THIS BLOG!

Oh, boy, I’m pretty sure the Nanny was everyone's childhood! (Everyone cool, that is. B|)


But hey, thanks so much for your support! I haven’t made a new set as of late because calculus is taking over my life, but I’ll probably have one up today or tomorrow! :D And, yes, I’m still gif-ing the Pilot, mostly because there’s so much gold from it and nobody’s complaining, so. B)

P.S. I love you too! <3

omg this is incredible! I have been waiting for tumblr to appreciate the magical humour that this show possesses! Thank you!

No, thank you!


This was actually more of a personal project on my end, because I’m re-watching the entire series and thought about capturing said ‘magical humor’ via gifs, but I’m glad I can share all this stuff with everyone!

[Although I do apologize for anyone wanting me to gif things from the later seasons—I’ve yet to acquire seasons 2-6 so do bare with me. :( Anything else is fine, though, and I don’t mind requests if anyone’s got a specific scene they want to see, too!]

And the kids, yeah, well, you know, they’re gonna need the most work.


Thank you, tumblr user teachmehowtodoggett!


You’re a doll!